Plecak wspinaczkowy Deuter Guide 30+6 SL petrol-blackberry
Plecak wspinaczkowy Deuter Guide 30+6 SL petrol-blackberry

470,00 zł

Cena regularna: 470,00 zł

Najniższa cena: 709,00 zł
Paczkomaty InPost
Paczkomaty InPost


We are passionate mountaineers, climbers and skiers. We love the transparency of the ice, the purity of the rock and the silence peaks. We are humble in front of mountains, and take a fresh look at them, closer to the material and to those who focus their attention on preserving it rather than conquering it. We are aware of its beauty and its dangers. We believe the fun is in the accomplishment. It is from below, where we work, at the foot of Mont Blanc and the Rockies, that we scan the peaks that inspire us to design the best products on the market. We aspire to become the benchmark brand for mountaineering by offering the products our community is looking for. We are a brand that cares about the environment, its customers, and the details of its products. We are bold, creative and responsible. We get to the point with a subtle blend of purism and daring.

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